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Saturday October 18 - 9 Am to Noon

The 2014 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be held from 9AM-noon on Saturday Oct 18. The overall scenario will be a weather event that causes an evacuation and the setting up of shelters.

Erie, Lawrence, Mercer, and Beaver Counties will have Red Cross teams embedded with our ARES groups. These Red Cross personnel will observe the drill and will generate interjects. The station at the University of Pittsburgh W3YI will stand-in for Red Cross HQ in Pittsburgh. Counties without Red Cross personnel are free to develop their own weather-based scenarios.

For the purposes of this drill, traffic from Red Cross will take priority. This may not necessarily be the case during an actual disaster.

Our frequencies are as follows:
- Primary Command-and Control net: 3.983 MHz LSB. Net Control will be W3KWH (Steel City ARC).
- NBEMS 40M: 7.073 MHz USB 1500 Hz waterfall, initial mode 8/500 Olivia. NCS will be W3YI with Harry W3YJ at the controls.
- NBEMS 80M: 38583.5 MHZ USB 1500 Hz waterfall, initial mode 8/500 Olivia. NCS will be K3MJW at Skyview RS.
- Voice/digital for connecting all HF nets: 443.45 MHz PL 100 Hz W3YJ
- Voice/digital link to Pittsburgh from New Castle: 147.195 PL 131.8 N3ETV.

[Yes, I will be getting out an ICS-205 that better describes the frequencies.]

I expect all stations to check into the SSB 80M and stay checked-in for the duration of the drill. We will not operate formal HF digital nets as it takes forever to call up a formal HF net with a slow mode like Olivia. Instead, just call the digital NCS station on your preferred band and pass the traffic. Traffic will be relayed to the SEC and the simulated Red Cross HQ via 443.45.

Once all stations check into the SSB voice net, Net Control will commence the drill by announcing that a major storm has hit Western PA.

Important: PLEASE KEEP ALL DIGITAL TRAFFIC TO LESS THAN 3 MINUTES. If your message will take more than 3 minutes with Olivia, please ask Net Control to switch to a faster mode depending upon conditions. Preferred faster modes are MT63-1000L and MT63-500L.

Activities to perform during the drill:
- Activate your group using your standard activation procedure.
- Contact neighboring counties on voice and digital.
- Send at least two pieces of digital HF traffic.
- Between 11AM and noon send a digital summary of your county's activities.

After the drill, I expect every EC to file a report with ARRL so that we will have our activities listed in QST. This form may be found at Please send a copy to me and your DEC.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you think I've missed something.


Harry Bloomberg W3YJ

Section Emergency Coordinator
Western PA ARES

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